The Comeback is the only brand dedicated to Divorce Recovery and Life Empowerment. A Divorce can be one of the Most Tumultuous Times in a persons life; we Experience Feelings of Anger, Shock, Rejection, Despair, Dear, Uncertainty and Loss. The Comeback is so Much More Than a Brand, it is a Movement that Meets our customers at the Point of their Needs.

Bethecomeback offers Products, eBooks, Services, 1-on-1 Counseling, Apparel and Much More that will Empower Your Life and Provide the Direction and Support to Make Your Comeback.

The Comeback is dedicated to all who know that divorce is not the end but a New Beginning. Divorce offers you a chance to Grow, become Renewed, develop the confidence only gained from Surviving the Worst Times in Your Life and knowing what does not break you will make You Stronger.

THE COMEBACK, because Your Best is Yet to Come